Leaving South Africa…

There is a quaint little town in the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands called Hilton.  This was the first place we called home as a married couple.  My goodness but getting married and moving to Hilton was a big step for us both.  Sounds like we are so old but i’ll have you know that I am 26 years of age and my husband, Brad is 27 years of age.  Young, wild and free.  

So when my husband’s company offered him the position in Dubai UAE we didn’t hesitate as we’d like to do as much traveling and adventures together before the little Fords arrive.  We were given two months to sort our lives out in South Africa before we heading into the land of sand.  “It’s the worst time to go to Dubai”, people would tell us as we were going to be landing in the beginning of their summer.  And they say the temperatures soar over 50 degree’s celsius there.  Well we were going to be finding all that out for ourselves in just a few weeks.

Before leaving Hilton with heavy hearts we saw as much as we could, even though we did travel most weekends or do mountain biking to see the country side.  We made the most amazing friends there, and we will miss them terribly.  But we do know that they are life long friends and we’ll be seeing them on the ski slopes in Italy or France! 🙂

As for Natal, it is a beautiful place with such friendly people and an unlimited amount of events to attend and places to go.  It’s one place we hadn’t been before and were so thankful that we ended up there, even if it was just for a year.  And it is one place we’d consider going back to once we decide that we’ve had enough and we want to venture back to South Africa.

Thank you to all our lovely friends in Hilton that we made, we will miss you all terribly but look forward to seeing you all on the ski slopes of France or Italy in March next year.  Let the planning begin!

With bags packed, Visa’s and passports in hand we trekked through the country starting at KZN all the way down to Cape Town past Port Alfred to say our goodbyes to our family and friends.  We had two weeks for our goodbyes and then we were off to Dubai.

So let’s go to Dubai …

Kwazulu-Natal, Castle Burn
Early morning mist on the dam at Castle Burn. Such beauty and serenity.
It was freezing there, which made the days crystal clear and the air so crisp.
It was freezing there, which made the days crystal clear and the air so crisp.

DSC_0210 DSC_0207

Baboon, South Africa, Natal, adventures
Baboons are a natural part of the land there. You will see plenty of them.

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