The Albertyn’s come for a visit

Coming from such amazing families it is always a treat to share your new home with family.  Before we had even moved to Dubai my aunt and uncle decided to spend a day with us in Dubai to see what we were up to in our new lives.  They were on their way to Germany and Spain with the family over the South African school winter holidays.   We have a small one bedroom apartment in the Park Island Dubai marina which is beautiful but also very small.  We had to quickly sell the three seater couch and find a sleeper couch as well as a mattress.  After three days of couch hunting, grocery shopping and blowing up the king sized mattress with our lungs we were ready for the arrival of our first visitors.

The Alberyn’s arrived at 4:30am on a Friday morning early.  They had managed to find the biggest bus at the airport to get them to our little apartment.  Being a 25 minute drive from the airport and hardly any communication with them we didn’t sleep too much as we didn’t want to loose our first visitors to the big city.  But everyone was safe and relieved to be in our tiny little flat and had a good nights sleep… well what was left of the night.

That morning we had a yummy breakfast and then headed out to the Burj Khalifa at the Dubai mall.  This is a very well known tourist attraction and the highest building in the world.  Bear in mind it was ramadan when we headed out so we had packed a cooler box filled with salad rolls and water for when we got hungry as no restaurants would be open during daylight hours.  Going up the Burj Khalifa was a great experience and the lift which is the fastest in the world was an experience on its own.  You don’t feel like you are moving other than your ears equalising.

Getting to The Top as it is known as was quiet something you can see for miles and miles and you realise just how much of a desert Dubai used to be and how one man’s vision created such an unbelievable place on top of the sand.

There was a nursery rhyme when I grew up which went:  The foolish man built his house upon the sand…the wise man built his house upon the rock…  Which makes you worry a little as how long these magnificent buildings will last, but with todays technology and skilled workers I’m sure they will stand a little while longer than expected.  Although it was said that the burj khalifa will only last for around 100 years.  Lets hope no one is going to The Top on that day.

After the tourist attractions and a little shopping in the biggest mall in the world we drove along the palm and then ventured home to the air conditioned flat, swimming pools and jacuzzi.  Being a tourist is hard work so being able to put your feet up and cool off on a hot day is always a treat!

In the evening we went for a lovely walk and swim on the JBR beach where my cousin Chris was nipped on the head by a camel for trying to get a selfie with the poor animal.  The Dubai lights from the beach are very impressive and the sea water is as hot as bath water which does not help when you want to cool down.  After a long walk back from the beach we bought some delicious ice cream and headed back to the apartment.

My family left early hours of the morning on Saturday after not too much sleep so I am sure they were looking forward to getting onto the airplane bound for Germany to get some shut eye.  We thoroughly enjoyed having them here and it went far too quickly but we know that they will be back and many more visitors will arrive.

How the burj was built

My beautiful cousin Anje above the skyline of Dubai
My beautiful cousin Anje above the skyline of Dubai
The view deck “At The Top”
The famous music fountains of Dubai can be seen below. The fountains only start after 7pm every day

Dubai_03 Siblings Dubai_06 Dubai_07 Dubai_08 Dubai_09 Dubai_11 Dubai_12 Dubai_13 Dubai_14 Dubai_15 Dubai_16

The waterfall in the mall of Dubai
The waterfall in the mall of Dubai

Dubai_18 Dubai_19 Dubai_20

Two special cousins who are more like siblings than cousins
Two special cousins who are more like siblings than cousins

Dubai_22 Dubai_23 Dubai_24 Dubai_25 Dubai_26

Taking a selfie on the beach
Taking a selfie on the beach
Brad and myself
Brad and myself

Dubai_29 Dubai_30


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