Weekend Away in Fujairah

We were desperate to get out of Dubai for a weekend as being cooped up in a small apartment staring at high-rise buildings all day is not the greatest, especially if you are two farm kids from wide open spaces.  So we discovered Groupon.ae and found a great deal on the Miramar Al Aqah beach resort in Fujairah which is one of the 7 emirates that make up the UAE.   So we packed our bags and set off early on the Friday morning to make the most of our trip.

It was only a two-hour drive but it felt like we were driving into no mans land, if it wasn’t for the off camel or sign board we would have been completely lost.  How and when they built the tar roads in the middle of the desert I don’t know as it was extremely hot and I for one would not be digging holes outside in that heat.  But the desert does hold its own beauty and we were very excited when we saw the first bit of mountains in the distance, which meant we were close to Fujairah.  We decided to take the longer road around to see more as our check in time was only at 3pm.  This was also during the Ramadan period so we had strategically packed small bits foods that we could quickly pop into our mouths and chew without being seen, and straws to drink our water with.  We hadn’t had our Toyota Fortuner’s windows tinted just yet so we were still in the view of the public.

Which driving through Fujairah we saw an old fort so we decided to take a look even though there was no one there we wondered around but sadly couldn’t go inside.  We then drove further and parked off the side of the road to watch a bunch of fishermen pulling in a net with land cruisers which was quiet a sight.  We sat for over an hour watching the net come in while the men pulled the net in and some packed it away, each person had a job to do.  Once the net came in we were disappointed to see not too many fish had been caught but there was a ray that was caught amongst the other fish that was gasping for air and flapping madly.  I felt very sorry for it, and I can say that as I am not a fish eater.

Once we arrived at our hotel we were blown away by how fancy it was for the amount we were paying.  The staff were very friendly and mostly from Africa.  We were given a free upgrade with a pool view which we were thrilled about. We waisted no time exploring and getting to the beach.  We went from the beach to the pool and then to have cocktails at the bar on the beach.  The views are beautiful and you can see Snoopy Island from the beach.  It was too expensive to hire the sporting equipment there so we just lay around and enjoyed the sun.  The sea also had waves and was cooler than in Dubai so we spent plenty of time paddling around.

We wanted to eat out for dinner but after walking around to all the different restaurants, 4 in total, we decided it would be cheaper to get room service which was also great value.  The next morning we had a complementary buffet breakfast which was amazing and so many different foods.

All in all we had a great weekend away and we will definitely go again, but maybe to camp next time when it gets cooler and I know Brad is dying to explore the rocky mountains on a motorbike.

Enjoy the pics 🙂

The first bit of mountains FJ_10FJ_26

Along the side of the road, not sure what it was but a lot of builds have the royalty's pictures on
Along the side of the road, not sure what it was but a lot of builds have the royalty’s pictures on

FJ_25FJ_12Fort in FujairahFJ_15FJ_14FJ_13FJ_04FJ_03FJ_02FJ_17FJ_22FJ_21FJ_20FJ_05FJ_07FJ_06FJ_23FJ_08FJ_19FJ_18


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