First trip to Dibba Oman (Golden Tulip)

It is always nice to get away from the big city and go exploring with a bunch of mates.  We made an early start and met up at a petrol station at the outskirts of Dubai and headed out into the mountains with 3 4×4’s and 1 GS motorbike.  It was a hot 38 degree day so the AC was on full blast the entire way.

Having Brad Festraets who runs a tour guide company here in the UAE, Just Gas It, we were lucky enough to experience some back routes which he does with his clients en route to Oman.  Most of the way we drove through a wadi, which is a dried up river bed which winds its way past small farms that appear every now and again.  What they farm out there I can’t tell you, other than dates or goats and funny looking sheep.  In amongst the dust we stopped under the shade of palm trees for some good South African padkos.  From coffee to fried chicken we were pretty sorted!

It didn’t take us long to get to The Golden Tulip resort in Oman, 5km other side the UAE/ Oman border, which was a painless process, as no stamping of passports was done and I was allowed through on my tourist visa.

We went straight to the beach where we swam in the cool Indian ocean, which was a nice change from the warm Gulf. The swimming pool was like bath water so we didn’t spend too long in the pool. We wanted to go out for a drink at the Six Sense resort nearby, which was a hair raising drive up a very steep pass but beautiful non the less. Once we got to the Six Sense Resort we were told that it was fully booked and we couldn’t just go and have a drink at the bar.  So we had to backtrack and go back over the mountain to the place we were staying.  We had taken our own booze and decided it would be far cheeper to just order in and have drinks in one of our rooms which turned out to be the best decision.  It was a festive evening and being a newly acquainted group there were a lot of stories and laughs shared amongst us.

The next morning we all had a buffet breakfast and then headed for a swim on the beach before packing the vehicles and setting back towards Dubai.  It was a hot 48 degrees driving back but we were happy to be heading back after a great weekend away.

With the cooler months fast approaching we are looking forward to many more outings and adventures away from Dubai, with so many options within a 2 hour drive.

Enjoy the pics.


The End ….


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