A little bit of Elmhurst and Poortjie…our family farms

After being in Dubai for over 5 months it was so nice to breathe the fresh farm air.  Elmhurst was looking very green from all the rain they had just had and we were blessed to have a few beautiful sunny days.

With the wedding build up on the go there wasn’t much time to relax but never the less we made the most of the time we had with the family.  Brad was sent to pick flowers for the wedding but managed to come back with a warthog that he walked and stalk while picking flowers. This was his highlight.

After 5 days we headed to my family farm in the Karoo, a good 5h 30min drive from Port Alfred.  We stopped in Graaff-Reinet on the way to have lunch with my gran at the Drostdy house, which has been recently renovated by the Rupert family. Graaff-Reiner was also looking beautiful after all the rain.

The farm in the Karoo was covered in colourful flowers from the little bit of rain. It was freezing cold but sunny most of the time so we could play tennis, boys could go hunting and we could enjoy cosy log fires in the evenings.  We were treated to all the red meat you could wish for from Karoo roasts, lamb chops, beef roast, to endless supply of droewors and biltong, much to Brads delight. This was such a treat as good quality red meat in Dubai is very expensive.

After such a special few days in South Africa we headed back to Dubai with heavy hearts but excited for what lay ahead with our first winter in Dubai and a ski trip & more wedding festivities around the corner.

Thank you to our families for spoiling us, it means the world to us and we can’t wait to come back again and share more of our travel stories with you.  Best you come visit us at some point, hopefully during this coming winter so you can see where we are and experience our new home away from home.

Elmhurst _ Eastern Cape Farm 

E_14E_02.jpg E_01E_03E_09 E_08 E_07 E_06 E_05E_04D_07 Brad_PigE_10E_13E_12E_11E_18E_E_18E_19E_17E_16E_15

Graaff-Reinet & Poortjie Wes_Karoo Farm 

G_04 G_03 G_02G_01G_05G_06G_07G_08G_09G_11G_10Farm_PanaramicG_12G_17G_16G_15G_14G_13G_18G_19G_21G_20G_22G_35G_34G_33G_32G_31G_30G_29G_28G_27G_26G_25G_24G_23P_001P_002P_015P_025P_024P_023P_022P_011P_010P_009P_008P_007P_006P_004P_003P_012P_014P_013P_021P_020P_019P_017P_027P_026P_033P_032P_031P_030P_028
Until next time …


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