Breakfast, buggies & more

Having just returned from South Africa for a wedding, we decided to head into the desert for a breakfast mission to Big Red, the biggest sand dune in Dubai.  We were told to meet at 08:00 at Just Gas It, which a fellow South African friend runs.  Just Gas It is an adventure company that provides adventures out into the desert on KTM’s, dune buggies and more… Brads dream come true!

We left Just Gas It a little later than 8:00 and headed off into the beautiful desert.  Lots of fun was had as we snaked our way over the dunes.  All was going smoothly until Justin got seriously stuck!  While being pulled out by his fellow drivers he had forgotten to close his window, so half the desert ended up in his vehicle.  Jordana, Justin’s wife was not impressed, but all they could do was laugh and carry on.

Not even around the next corner Justin got stuck again… and this time how on earth he did it we don’t know, they must have gotten serious whip lash because the front of the vehicle slammed directly into the next dune taking off a piece of the bumper.  It is all fun and games in the desert until some one get’s hurt, they could have gotten seriously injured but they were all fine, just a little shaken.  The FJ cruiser came to the rescue and off we went once again to find some where to have our breakfast.

In this part of the desert there are no oasis’s so when we came across an abandoned Arab shack we made ourselves comfortable and started our egg, bacon and boerie braai under the shade of the only tree in sight.

There was a nice crowed of us and many new faces, always great meeting new people in the middle of nowhere.  We all went in the polarises which was great fun, and Brad’s highlight of the trip.

Not long after we’d packed up and started our way back Brad got stuck for the first time.  I’ll take the blame as I had asked him to stop so I could take a picture, not knowing that killing the fortuners momentum would get us stuck.  Sorry!

It was lots of fun although in the future if we want to have a braai, it’s better to head to our usual spot where there are trees, wildlife and water to swim in.  We’ll leave that part of Dubai for the men to go on their off road adventures.

D_01D_02 D_06 D_05 D_04 D_03D_09 D_07 D_10D_15D_12D_13D_16D_17D_19D_18D_20D_22D_21D_23D_26D_25D_24D_27D_29D_28D_30D_31D_33D_34D_40D_42D_43D_36D_38D_3712D_41D_44D_45D_48D_47D_46D_49


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