Our first camping trip

When you live in a city of cement all you want to do is escape every once in a while.  And the best way to do that is to go camping!

The weather has been perfect, every day has been around 26 degrees with bright sunshine and a slight breeze. The perfect camping weather! Friends of ours had just been camping and raved about the spot that they had found near Fujairah, just a 2 hour drive from Dubai.  On Friday morning early, 7 of us headed to the camping spot near Fujairah.  En route we had to stop and re-tie the kayaks on the roof racks because the tie downs where making one helluva noise, and 2hours of that would have driven us mad.  Passing through Fujairah we stopped at the local bottle-store. These are rather scarce in the UAE and are generally hidden from the public eye, so there was no signboard or tar road to this shop. How Gys knew how to get to this place I still don’t know, but never the less we emerged with three trolleys of booze between 5 of us, I suppose new years is around the corner.

After another 40km or so we reached our quaint secluded beach and parked at the only random shower.  We were the first to arrive on the beach so we set up camp in front of the shower, manoeuvring the cars to block our camp off from other eyes. It was not long before the camp was set up, boys were off paddling and snorkelling and the girls sun tanning! What a hard life!

Between all of us we had more than enough food, water, booze and marshmallows! Nicole even brought us party hats for later when we sat around the bonfire.  What an amazing feeling to sit on a quiet beach with barren mountains behind you and a turquoise sea in front of you.  This is why we are in Dubai,  for the little things that make life worth while!  We’ve met such amazing friends here and we are all in the same boat, mostly newly married with a hunger for travel and new opportunities.  They’ve become our Dubai family, and we look forward to many more trips and weekend getaways together.

When the sun dropped behind the mountains,we all took turns in our open air shower, got into warm clothes and began the preparation for the evenings dinner.  I made rooster brood, a recipe I got from my aunt, very simple using just self raising flower and plain yoghurt, delicious! Thanks Pen!

We all sat around the fire, exchanging stories, laughing and just simply enjoying the open air and things definitely got a little out of hand once Sean took control of the brandy pouring.  We all disappeared to bed in drips and drabs but a good night was had by all!

Saturday morning there was no waisting time, breakfast was on the go, eggs, bacon, baked beans, boerewors and much more! After breakfast we set off for a paddle towards a good snorkelling spot the boys had found the day before. The fish were beautiful and there were hundreds of them along the rocky reefs.  The boys managed to catch crayfish and a crab for dinner the night before but no luck for lunch on Saturday.  Once we were all back on the beach, we decided the packing up should begin so that we could get back to Dubai with enough time to unpack and get ready for the following work week. It was a great short weekend away, but it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Cant wait for our next camping trip around new years! Keep you posted


The hidden booze store


A water fountain at a round about


One of Sean’s interesting beers


One of Brads fish he caught


Cant go without bacon



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