Christmas in Dubai

Christmas Eve, 24th December

A big thank you to Jordana & Justin for hosting dinner on Christmas Eve.  Jordana made the most delicious traditional Greek Christmas dinner for us, a lamb shank stew known as stifado, with a traditional Greek salad (no lettuce) and cous cous.

We each had to take a AED 50 gift for the secret santa which always ends up being a good laugh. There were only 8 of us so it was a quick process before we got Jordana’s delicious chocolate cake!  We had such a lovely evening filled with festive spirits and with great company as always.

Christmas Day, 25th December

Christmas Day was spent with 27 others at the Hunters Villa in Jumeriah Village Triangle.  A special thank you to Nicole & Andrew for hosting such a special lunch/dinner for all of us expats that are away from home.  You have all truly become our “Dubai family”.  We all arrived around 14:30 dressed for the occasion, along with our AED 150 gifts for secret santa and cooler boxes filled to the brim, we were all well prepped for a merry afternoon.

We were all asked to bring bits and pieces with, Brad and I were tasked to make/prepare a gammon.. being in Dubai you may expect this to be a bit of a challenge, but pork is readily available in a closed off area within certain supermarkets  This was our first gammon we had ever made and thankfully it turned out better than we thought it would. Well done Brad as you spent more time preparing it than I did, you can make it again!

Nicole & Andrew had hired tables and chairs which was setup in their garden for all of us to feast at. The food was delicious, well done everyone that had a hand in the cooking, you made the day extra special! And thank you Ryall for the Christmas crackers, what’s a Christmas without crackers!

There was never a dull moment, always someone to chat to, dance with, or sneak more M&Ms with… that was Harry, Stacey! The pudding was just as amazing at the main course, everyone seemed to have pulled the cooking skills out of the top drawer for our expat Christmas.

When it came to secret santa, much scheming, team playing and disappointment occurred, especially when the box filled with Black Label, Nik-Naks, biltong & droewors was eventually traded all 3 possible times, which clearly stated that this was the most popular gift. Well done to Sean’s parents for bringing the “golden gift” all the way from SA.

Once the gifts were all done the music was turned up, the glasses were filled and the dancing started.

Thank you again for such a special evening, it will always be remembered!

Boxing Day in the desert, 26th December

I will confess we only got out of our pyjama’s around 11:00am, but I will blame it on the rainy and windy weather, not the late night before.  Yes it was raining again in Dubai, so it seemed like the perfect day to stay in doors, watch series and just rest before going back to work.  However we were invited to go dune bashing, so quickly packed up what we needed and headed out towards Al Qudra.  It didn’t rain a lot, although the wind was pumping, which made it cold enough to wear a jersey and pack a flask of coffee.

We had planned to stop for a braai along the way but it was far too windy.  We did stop to help randoms who had gotten stuck, so our good deed for the day was done.  We decided to call it quits and cut our trip short after we were chewing sand and couldn’t communicate through our windows, as opening them would result in a face full of sand.  We were lucky enough to see the gazelle which were trying to keep sheltered from the wind.

All in all it has been such an amazing weekend. We have missed being home for Christmas but flights are already booked for December 2016, so we have that and many more adventures to look forward to next year.

Wishing all our friends & family back home and around the world a Merry Christmas!

Picture: Christmas Eve, 24th December


Pictures: Christmas Day, 25th December


Pictures: Boxing Day, 26th December


The End 🙂


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