Oman Dhow Cruise

We’d heard a lot about the dhow cruises in Oman, about how popular they are and that we had to do one before the summer came again.  So all our friends where invited and we  began setting our dates & planning the trip.

We set off early Friday morning to the Dibba border into Oman.  We all met up at a garage on the way out of Dubai, to get the last bits and pieces for the trip.  We were a big group but we all managed to arrive on time and head out on time.  Although, only 30min away from the border, we got a radio call from the one vehicle… To stop, because they think they forgot their passports.  After  frantic searching through bags etc.  it was clear that Gys had put the passports in the wrong handbag. Jerene had taken her weekend handbag, not her school handbag, which was the one which Gys had put their passport into. The drive to the Dibba border is roughly a two hour drive, which they then had to do again, and at speed, as the dhow was leaving at 10ish.

The rest of us carried on to Oman. We made it through the border safely, all alcohol still securely hidden.  The company’s PRO met us at the border and then escorted us to the harbour. When we told the company what had happened with our friends and their passports they kindly offered to take those of us who were there on the dhow and bring the others later on a speed boat.  This meant we didn’t have to hang around a smelly harbour waiting for them.  We offloaded all our gear onto the jetty, and next thing we knew our luggage had made its way onto our dhow.  There were many dhows in the harbour, and we had to climb over all of them to get to ours.  Once on board, sun cream on, hats on, we were ready to set sail.  I forgot to mention, that it was slightly windy, so the water was a little choppy for our liking.  Luckily the company had motion sickness tablets, which we all popped before we climbed onto the dhow.  Off we sailed, out towards the fjords. For a boat that is made out of wood, it did pretty well in the choppy water, I can’t say the same for us though, we were all near to being sea sick by the time we reached the first bay, where we were to wait for the others to join us.  The water was a beautiful turquoise colour, but a little icy. We’ll take up any opportunity to catch a tan, even though it was a little chilly.  We had hardly anchored when the boys were off snorkelling, girls were tanning and the first G&T’s were poured.  Not a bad weekend plan.

After a while the others joined us on the speed boat, which was clearly a terrible idea, as they were all soaked, head to tow from the choppy waters.

Sheesa Beach, is the company we used, and they were great from the word go!  There was always water, cold & hot drinks available, as well as a fresh fruit basket and biscuits.  All our meals were also included, and the food was delicious.  We were worried it would be the traditional spicy food, but we were given spaghetti bolognese,  chicken, vegetables, and even pudding.  Breakfast was egg, toast, croissants, cereals and yoghurt.  The crew onboard with us were great, and were really hospitable.  When the boys wanted to take the boat out fishing, it was quickly kitted up, and off they went.

That night we all sat in a circle on the boat, divided ourselves into teams and played 30 seconds.  Always a good laugh!  There was such a great group of us, and we all had a blast.

That night we slept out on the deck on mattresses, under the stars.  What a treat to have a quiet night under the stars, slowly rocking to sleep.

The next morning we were cooked breakfast, and we all decided it would be fun to go on the banana behind the speedboat. This was great fun, but quiet a challenge holding on!  When it was time to head back to the harbour, we were sad but also ready to go back.  It was such a lovely weekend under the sun, but we could all have done with a good shower. We highly recommend this experience to others who are thinking of going, and we will definitely be going again.  But until then, we will find other adventures.  D_01D_02D_03D_04D_05D_06D_07D_09D_10D_11D_12D_13D_14D_15D_16D_17D_18D_19D_20D_21D_22D_23D_24D_25D_26D_27D_28D_29D_30D_31D_32D_33D_34D_35D_36D_37D_39D_40D_41D_42D_43D_44D_45D_46D_48D_49D_50D_51D_52D_53D_54D_55D_56D_57D_58D_59D_60D_61D_62D_64D_65D_66D_67D_68D_70D_71D_72D_74D_75D_76D_77D_78D_79D_80D_91D_92D-08D47D69


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