Winning Weekend

There are some of us in this world that just get lucky.  Brad is one of them!

We were dying to go and watch the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, but all the tickets were sold out online.  So we put it aside and decided that next year would be a better option.  However, during the work week I got a call at work from Brad, saying I needed to tune into radio 92, in 5 min.  Which I did… and then heard Brads voice on the radio.  He had entered a competition on the radio to win tennis tickets and they had contacted him as the winner.. YAY, we were going to the tennis!!  We weren’t sure at first which day the tickets were for but we didn’t care, as we had free tickets.    We discovered they were for the women’s quarter finals from 2pm until late, on a Thursday.  Luckily I got off work early and off we went to the tennis!

We didn’t know it at first but eventually discovered that we had front row seats in a cordoned off section, when the usher kept telling us to go further down and then opened the front area for us.  We really got lucky!  Much to Brad’s luck once again, “his girl” Anna Ivanovic was playing, and he was definitely close enough to see her long legs.  We watched 3 tennis matches and eventually decided to call it quits near midnight, as this was just the first leg of our winning weekend and tomorrow was our second leg…

A Facebook competition was running for the chance to win a two hour trip into the desert, on a polaris RZR 1000cc buggy, with Big Red Motorsports.  You had to tag a friend who you’d like to take with you and say why you’d like to go.  Well …. Brad won it, and luckily he had tagged me as the person who he’d liked to take with, saying “Who said woman can’t drive buggies @tarynford.” As easy as that!

So off we set on our second leg.  We left at 7am to get there for 8am where we were kitted up in colourful gear, given a safety speech and told what we could expect once out in the desert.  The instructor who took us into the desert was also called Brad.  He was very professional and so helpful, not once did we feel like it was going to be too dangerous for us.  Brad drove first as he was itching to get behind the wheel and just give it gas!  Me… I had my camera and didn’t quiet know how I was going to hold on and take pictures.  But the safety straps were more than enough and I didn’t need to hold on at all!

The driving in the desert was such an experience, other than being fun and adventurous we also saw wildlife, stopped at the 2nd of December shop for some tea & breakfast, diced up sand dunes and tried to see who could spin the most sand when going around a corner.   I highly recommend this experience, it is slightly pricey, but for the memories, its definitely worth it.  It was so much fun, that Brad booked a motorbike tour with his guy mates the following weekend!  Need I say more.

A big thanks to Brad Festraets for such an awesome experience as well as taking us for longer than the 2 hours, you really went out of your way!  Thank you!


Dune Bugging | Day 2




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