A little bit of Karoo life

If you have ever been to the Karoo in winter then you’ll know the feeling of that crisp dry air that you breathe in.  The air is so dry that eventually no matter how much body cream you use, your skin starts to flake, your lips start to split and your hair is always super static.  But those little personal challenges are overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the Karoo landscape.  The Karoo really is a place where you can totally unwind and spend quality time with friends and family, enjoying the natural surroundings.  It’s a place that grounds you and brings out the best in people.

For me personally,  the most special part of the Karoo farm is my family and all the memories on the farm that we have had together over the last few years ,and the memories that will be made in the years to come.  We can never invite too many people to the farm, as my parents will always make a plan to make sure there is a warm bed for all and that all are well fed through their visit.  Thank you for the most humbling upbringing a child could imagine, it really is the “small things” that make life worthwhile! Like riding on the back of the bakkie in the fresh air, or sitting in front of the fire place in the evenings surrounded by all the dogs while sipping on red wine.  This is a place that I will never forget..  This is a place I’m so proud to call home!



One thought on “A little bit of Karoo life

  1. Well I haven’t had a chance to investigate who wrote this beautiful piece but it could be truly said by many Karoo friends we had. Having just visited ‘home’ after a long time away, the winter-ness of this place is unique. Thank you!

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