K-Day, Fords Farm & Addo

After being on the farm for a while I was so excited to go and pick Brad up from the airport in Port Elizabeth.  The holiday had been very relaxing and slow on the farm but things were about to get busy!  It was Brads 10 year reunion in Grahamstown at St Andrews College, where we would be spending the next 2 days.  Brads boarding house Upper, was going to have a full turn out, so we knew it was going to be a festive time.

The boys had golf organised for the first day, as well as a dinner that evening for all the old boys, girls and their plus ones. It was so great to see old friends and just spend some quality time together. St Andrews College is one of the most beautiful schools in South Africa and I can see why Brad is so proud of his school, the friendships that are made there last for many years, which I have seen with my dad and friends who were also at College.

Sadly College was defeated in the first team rugby match against Kingswood but there was a turnout of around 8000 people, so there was always someone to say hello to.  This must be one of the biggest and oldest school derby days in the country and such a special time is had over this weekend, with so many old friends reuniting here from all over the world, some after 10, 20,30 plus years.

After such a festive time in Grahamstown we headed back to Brads family farm near Port Alfred, also one of the most beautiful areas in the Eastern Cape.  The bush is so thick, and so green that you can’t help but feel happy to be there. We had the privilege to spend John and Debbie’s 30th wedding anniversary with them and some of their friends.  Such a special occasion and there was never an empty glass of champagne.  We had a very relaxing time on the farm, and we even got to play a round of golf at the Royal Port Alfred golf course, which is beautiful. We managed to spot whales in the ocean from some of the holes, and had fairly tame springbuck, bushbuck & Impala roaming around us for most of the course.  Thank you for such a lovely time on the farm, we can’t wait to come back.

John & Debbie spoilt us with a night in Addo Elephant park where we stayed in the tented camp.  There was only one other couple there which made is so special and such an amazing experience as we must have seen nearly all the elephant in the park.  We got to watch the African sun setting over a private watering hole at the camp, while the elephant herd drank and played and we sipped on champagne.. not to shabby!  After the sun had set we sat around the fire listening to the sounds of the African bush.  This is also an experience that any South African would tell you is something that you should put on your bucket list.  Thank you for such a special time John & Debbie, we will always treasure those memories.

The next morning it was an early start as we had to get back to the Karoo farm before friends of ours were arriving from Cape Town. Off we set on the 5hour drive through Kirkwood, back to the Karoo.



The Ford Farm & 30th Wedding Anniversary 


Addo Elephant Park


Until next time…


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