It’s easy to love Cyprus

We booked a weeks holiday in Cyprus for the second Eid weekend, along with Jordana and Justin Ventzke, whose family live in Argaka for 5 months of the year.   The flight to Larnaca should only take four hours, but because Emirates has gotten so expensive we flew via Doha on Qatar airways, which took us around 16 hours to get to Argaka, factoring in the 6 hour layover.

We landed in Larnaca and had to hire a car to get to Argaka which was a two hour drive.  Our first impressions of Cyprus reminded us a lot of the Western Cape, especially the coastal region near Kleinmond.  The towns we drove through were very rural, rustic and laid back, which really made it feel like we were on holiday. Fortunately  we just missed the peak tourist season, so this played in our favour.

Each day we had lovely weather, the temperature was mid thirties with a cool breeze and the sea was a nice cool temperature, not too cold.  The beaches were filled with pebbles, very different to the beautiful white sandy beaches we have back in South Africa, but its beautiful in its own way.  On one of the days there was enough wind for Brad to kite surf, which is always great fun to watch, and also had us drive close to the Turkey boarder, in search of the right wind direction.  There are a lot of hiking trails in Cyprus, and we got to do three different ones, all beautiful in their own way, rocky and dry terrain mostly but the views were always breath taking.

For the fun of it, we took some funky animal lilo’s to float around on the sea, which certainly drew the attention of the local folk.  Our favourite spot in Argaka was the Santa Barbara beach bar/restaurant, which was right on the beach. It is run by a local family who are all so friendly and welcoming and really go out of their way to please their customers.   The food was really delicious, full of different spices. The day just wasn’t complete if we hadn’t had the local gelato ice cream, which always went down like a dream.

We swam around the Aphrodite rock once, although one is meant to swim around the rock three times “to preserve your beauty”. I guess that means we’ll only retain  1/3 of our beauty for a little while longer.

A special thank you to Jord’s, Justin, Ian and Christine for making our holiday to Cyprus extra special. We really enjoyed spending time with all of you and would highly recommend it for people looking for a seriously laid back, chilled holiday.



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