Swimming with turtles

We decided that we wanted to escape Dubai for a day over the long weekend.  So we packed our car and made our way towards Snoopy Island near Fujairah.  It is always an interesting two hour drive through the barren mountain passes, and I always wonder how people manage to live in those secluded places, with nothing else but rock and sand around them.

Snoopy Island gets its name because of its shape, it looks a bit like Snoopy lying on his back.  We had only seen Snoopy island when driving by and had heard that the snorkelling there was worth a try.  We set up our gazebo at the picnic site and then paddled out towards the island where we snorkelled for almost two hours.  We were pleasantly surprised when we bumped into a pair of turtles, as neither of us had ever swum with turtles before, so this made our trip so worthwhile. Turtles are such peaceful creatures and really don’t seem to mind humans milling around them, while they snack on the reef.  There was an amazing variety of fish, including all different types and colours of parrot fish, which are always fascinating to watch while they feast on the corral.

After the snorkelling, we made our way back to the beach for some lunch and then slowly packed up and made our way back towards Dubai.  What an incredible experience swimming with turtles, we will definitely go back again soon as it really is right on our doorstep.




One thought on “Swimming with turtles

  1. This is a great story! I live in Fujairah and sometimes take a day trip to Snoopy Island but haven’t yet run into any turtles. I’ve not spent much time snorkeling there, but after reading this post, will certainly go again! Thanks for sharing,


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