Amazing Oman

What an incredible experience!  We were on the water from 6am until 6pm, near Khasab, Musandam.  We got to watch the sunrise over the Musandam fjords and set over the sea. Waking up at 2am in Dubai to make the 2.5 hour drive to Khasab is not fun, but was so worth it.  Just as we left the harbor we spotted dolphins surfing in the wake behind our boat, such a treat seeing the dolphins up so close!

This was a fishing trip organized to catch a few GT’s (Giant Trevelly), but because it is only the start of the GT season, we managed to see a few but didn’t catch any.  We did however manage to catch baracuda and tuna,  so we will be back to try and catch the GT’s again!

The driver of our boat, Abdullah, knew where all the great fishing spots were, so we were never in one place for too long.  For lunch we were taken to one of the many secluded beaches found around the fjords.  The landscape in this area is very barren, nothing grows there, but it has its own beauty and there is plenty of life in the ocean, even the snorkeling here is amazing. We will definitely need to plan a camping weekend to Oman again, not just for fishing but for exploring too.

We were spoilt with plenty of different sightings during the day, we saw an eagle catch a garfish and then have it stolen by it’s mate.  A bright yellow sea snake came swimming right past our boat, we saw the famous Musandam dolphins twice during the day and just over the Oman border we saw an arabian red fox.   All the different sightings made up for not catching a GT, for myself anyway but not so much for the boys.

We booked into the Atana Musandam hotel for Friday night, not wanting to have to make the trip back to Dubai in the dark, especially after such a long day in the sun. We also planned to take advantage of the next day, to explore a little before heading back to Dubai.  The hotel was great, very clean, modern and easy to get to but we were only there to sleep, because we were so exhausted from the 2am start.

We popped into a local grocery store to get food for a picnic, and then went off to find the well known Khawr Najd (Khor Najd) just outside of Khasab.  There are no signboards to help you get there and most of the time you feel like you are going in the wrong direction.  Luckily we had a little help from google maps, other wise we would have gotten horribly lost.  If you are ever in the Khasab area, you need to go and find this place, make sure you have a 4×4 as the drive up and down is a little scary, but so worth the view from the top.

On our way back to the border, we stopped off at one of the many beautiful beaches along the way, to have a quick lunch and put our feet in the sea.  We are in love with Oman and will definitely be going back again soon!



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