Jebel Jais, UAE

A spontaneous camping weekend to Jebel Jais, the highest peak in the UAE,  which forms part of the Hajar mountains.  We weren’t sure of where to go and camp for the night, but after checking the weather forecast and deciding against the coastal spots, we decided it would be best to head up into the mountains.

We had no idea what to expect on the mountain, but we knew that it was going to be cold, with the forecast predicting night-time temps of 3deg. Fortunately the temp only went down to a “guesstimate” of about 8deg and we were all well prepared with winter jackets, ski socks and plenty of wood to fuel the fire.

There are a few camp sites set up all along the road winding up Jebel Jais, each site has  an ablution facility and a few “af dakkies” under which we could setup our tents. The mountain pass gets very busy in the evenings with people going up and down in supercars, road bikes and the odd mad man on his bicycle. This campsite was definitely all about the view!

Danie prepared us the most delicious lamb poitjie for dinner, which went down so well.

Thank you for a great weekend away everyone, we need to do it again soon.



One thought on “Jebel Jais, UAE

  1. I am so VERY HAPPY for you…how wonderful to enjoy the mountains in that pary of the world…what an adventure! Thanks for sharing these great pics!


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