Kapunka Thailand

In April we took 9 days off to travel Thailand.

We weren’t off to a good start when our plane was delayed in Bangkok to Phuket for 5 hours.  Having not slept for nearly 24 hours since leaving Dubai, we were a little tiered but managed to find a quiet corner at the airport where we could spread out and sleep.  Once we landed in Phuket the sun had begun to set and it was still another hour and a half drive in a taxi to our hotel at Kata beach.   Even though we were exhausted once we got to our hotel, we decided to head out onto the main road, have our first thai food dinner and a massage.  Then it was time for bed.

Day 2, we had a trip to Raya Island, where we snorkeled with the friendliest fish!  We spent all day out on a speed boat hopping from island to island, in and out of the water.  We got to spend 2 hours on Raya beach, so we decided to go exploring.  Raya beach was crowded with tourists, so when we came across a deserted beach while exploring, we were so relieved!  Thailand really is as beautiful as all the photo’s that you see!  The people are very friendly and welcoming.   The phrase “kapuka” which means Thank you,  is the first word that you will hear when you go to Thailand.  And won’t forget.

We arrived back at our hotel around 4pm and headed straight for the swimming pool, where we had our first Thailand Sun downers.   That evening for dinner we headed out into the hustle and bustle of the main street to find some street food for dinner.   When you not dodging cars on the narrow side walks, you are dodging hungry tourist all looking for a good Pad Thai or a banana & nutella pancake.   While ordering our nutella pancakes we heard screams behind us, and a man had lost his snake which was heading in our direction!  We didn’t stay around to find out if the man caught it or not!

Day 3, we were up early for breakfast and checked out of our hotel at 7am heading for the ferry to Phi Phi Don Island.  This was by far the pretties Island we stayed at.   Our little room that we booked was not even a 300m walk from the ferry, and it was situated right in the middle of the Phi Phi main beach.   Those of you that have been to Phi Phi Don will know that it is a party central!  So our little room was just for show, as the music was so loud every night that our walls would vibrate.  Although we did know this before we booked, we decided it would be our party time.  We went for a long hike to the view point over Phi Phi which is a must for anyone who goes that way!  If you don’t feel like taking the millions of steps to the top of the mountain, there is a back way around, which I’m sure you are not allowed to take, as you don’t pay entrance fees.  But we managed to find it.  And the view was worth it!

In the evening the beach comes alive with loud music, disco lights and fire throwers.  Each bar tries to out do the next one, although most of the acts are much the same.   We bar hopped, drank cocktails, buckets and ate spring rolls for dinner sitting on the sand.   We definitely roughed it in Thailand, only bringing the necessities with.  We didn’t even have shampoo until we got to our last stop in Krabi.  It was so nice to let loose and just go with the flow for a change.  Most people in Thailand are easy going, young and just there to catch a tan and have a good time.  We could have stayed in Phi Phi for longer, but our time was running out.

Day 4, we woke up to a Thunderstom which was so nice!  We dont hear thunder in Dubai, ever!  We had a trip booked that afternoon to the famous Maya bay so we had time to sleep in, roam the streets for breakfast and then make our way to the meeting point where our speed boat would leave from.  We visited a few islands on our trip, amongst them was Phan and island, Monkey Island, Maya Bay and Shark Bay.   Each island is beautiful and unique!  Monkey island was not nice, far too many tourists and the monkeys just look terrified!  At Shark bay we went snorkeling and actually saw a black tipped reef shark.

Maya bay is beautiful, we had 4 hours there to ourselves, so we tanned, swam, tanned some more and then decided to go exploring.  We couldn’t stand still for too long in most spots when we headed into the jungle, as the mosquitoes were terrible!  But the jungle at Maya bay was beautiful!  Our last stop on the speed boat trip was to swim with plankton.  I had never seen plankton before, so when the sun had gone down, and we were bobbing up and down with our life jackets on, we were told to splash around so that we could see the little lights.  I was the last one back onto the boat, as it was just so mesmerizing!   On the way back the heavens opened and there was a downpour.  Luckily we were all in costumes so we couldn’t have gotten more wet.  But it rained until we got back to our little room.   But the rain stoped for us to go exploring the streets for some food, shopping and massages.

Day 5, we had to leave Phi Phi with heavy hearts.  We could have stayed longer there! We caught a ferry to Krabi, then a taxi to our resort, Nakamanda.  WOW…. Nakamanda Resort in Krabi is a must.  Its the most beautiful resort, incredibly private, modern and they give you brownies on your birthday!  Being my birthday, Brad had planned before the time for the staff to put brownies in the room before we arrived.  It was the best birthday surprise!  Im a big chocoholic!!  We had three days at Nakamanda, which were all perfect!  We hired a scooter for the time that we were there for exploring. And went on a private long tail boat to Hong Island from in front of our resort.  It really was a home away from home!

To be continued …



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